Bessho(Key)のソロプロジェクトとして発足後、2021年1月にFiJA(Vo.)Chloe(Vo.)、Haruna(Ba)、Seiya(Dr)をメンバーとして迎えてBlueをリリース。2021年12月には、主催フェスPAJAMA PARTY 2021を開催。藤原さくらや二階堂和美をはじめとする豪華なラインナップを集め、好評を博した。


PAJAUMI is a transcontinental neo-soul and experimental jazz group based in Tokyo, Japan. Beginning as a solo project by Bessho (key), as of January 2021 PAJAUMI became a 5-piece band with FiJA (vo., Japan/Phillipines), Chloe (vo., U.S.), Haruna (ba., Japan), and Seiya (dr., Japan). They debuted with their sponsored PAJAMA PARTY festival in December 2021, an 8-hour showcase featuring an impressive lineup including Sakura Fujiwara and Kazumi Nikaido.

So far, PAJAUMI has released a collection of vocal and instrumental singles, along with three official live music videos. They are planning to release their first album by the end of 2022.